I went to a presentation skill training with Naya about 2 years ago, the experience was very beneficial.  The presentation opened my understanding of how presentation skill is affecting all area of our daily corresponding with our friends and family, and all aspect of our life.  And there’s systematic way to improve this very important skill, and Ms Chang’s presentation showed us practical tools to implement in our daily life.  I was fortunate to have private coaching session and she helped me to correct my body posture and way of talking which I have been using and improved every presentations I made since then.  Highly recommend her if you’d like to improve your presentation skill and have a happier life, more in control of your life direction.
— J Hsiung, Ph.D. Investment Advisor, Transamerica
Naya is a truly talented educator and actress I’ve ever met. It’s been such a pleasure to learn and get inspired from her passion and practical knowledge in communication and expression. I feel more confident in expressing myself to a large group of audience now. Her beautiful soul is contagious as well.
— H. Young, Product Designer, Yahoo!
I came away from the workshop looking forward, even anxious, to see how what I learned might apply at work. At work, I found myself experimenting with things like my gait, posture, hand gestures, facial expressions, enunciation, and tone to better express myself. It was really eye-opening to see how concepts from acting applies to giving presentations, participating meetings, and even talking one-on-one with my teammates.
— R. R., Frontend Engineer, Machine Zone
First, the teacher is the best one. [The Class] helps you develop your skills in writing, speaking and performance. It makes you know who really exist behind that skin and not to hide that person inside of you. It helps you know how to act, speak out in so many different ways according to the situation.
— High School Student from Urban Scholars Program, MA