Naya Chang

Naya is passionate in using theater acting tools to help people in all backgrounds to develop effective communication and public speaking skills.


theater director, actress, musician & teacher

Naya was the artistic director and production manager for Song of Life, featuring the Bunun Mountain Traditional Music Chorus and Cellist Annie Chang. This concert with narration was premiered at A Tapestry of Sacred Music, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay at Singapore in 2019.

Naya was director and narrator for Harmony of Nature – Legend of Bunun and Cello, featuring the Bunun Mountain Traditional Music Chorus and Cellist Annie Chang.  This concert was premiered at  Voices - Festival of Song, Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore in 2014.

Naya was director and stage designer for the concert Wu Man and Aboriginal Friends, which featured pipa virtuoso Wu Man and 32 Taiwanese Aborigines from Paiwan tribe, Atayal tribe and Bunun Tribes.  This concert was commissioned by the National Theater and Concert Hall and premiered for the 2012 Taiwan International Festival of the Arts.

Naya co-directed an ancient Chinese tale The Orphan of Zhao, which she helped adapt for the Mainstage production at Spingold Theater at Brandeis University.  

Naya was assistant director to French director Juliette Deschamps for original opera La peintre, Yu-Lin, – a story captured the controversial life of painter Yu-Lin, produced by the Taiwan Philharmonic (National Symphony Orchestra) in Taiwan.  Naya assisted stage director Chay Yew for Stuck Elevator, presenting challenging experiences of immigrants, based on the true story of a Chinese food delivery man who was stuck in the elevator in Bronx , New York, for 81 hours.  The production premiered at the American Conservatory Theater (ACT) and Naya traveled with the touring version of the production to International Festival of Arts & Ideas in New Haven.  Naya was also working with director Carey Perloff as David Lang‘s assistant, sewing music to the Greek tragedy Elektra seamlessly.  The production featured Olympia Dukakis at ACT.  Naya worked on director Robert Woodruff’s production of Oedipus At American Repertory Theatre (ART) in which she was assistant to composer Evan Ziporyn and was production intern to director Chen Shi-Zheng’s Snow in June.  

Naya has appeared in a number of productions as an actress including The Waiting RoomThe BacchaeBalm in Gilead, Big Love, The Suicide, Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and A Christmas Carol, which she was also the music director and violinist.

Chang, who also plays the silent role of the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, is a beautiful and talented young woman whose presence and musical ability really moves this production from the realm of the predictable to the higher reaches of artistry.
— Gail M. Burns, Berkshire on Stage

Naya was awarded Best Actress from 2017 Grizzly Film Festival for the leading role “Mei” in the short film ” Generations”.

Naya was invited to teach both undergraduate and graduate students acting and communication at College of Fine Art and Creative Design at TungHai University in Taichung, Taiwan.  Naya created and taught a class she created called Speak, Act, Because We Care for UMass Urban Scholars Program, MA, exploring topics such as peer pressure, body image and racial prejudice.  Naya worked with prominent Drama Therapist Armand Volkas on Waking Dream Theatre workshop and co-presented at the 2014 Drama Therapy Conference in Yosemite, CA.

Currently, Naya is offering workshops for working professionals and private coaching while creating a curriculum focusing on teaching children emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills through theater.

Naya received her MFA in Theater Acting with a special emphasis in Directing and a BA in Music Theory and Composition from Brandeis University.  Naya is trained in directing, acting, dancing, voice/speech, stage combat and singing.  Areas of teaching: acting including Stanislavsky, Michael Chekhov, Suzuki, Viewpoints; scene work using materials from modern plays, Shakespeare, Greek and Chekhov, voice work, ensemble/team building, interdisciplinary performance and presentation/communication coaching.