What I offer

Individualized coaching PACKAGES

Presentation and interactive workshops


Individualized Coaching Packages

Personalized sessions for designers, engineers, scientists, bankers, artists, musicians, performers and people in various fields who are interested in expanding their ability to express and to gain tools to communicate more effectively. 

Naya offers individual coaching session or 4 weeks weekly individual sessions packages.

Curriculum tailored to the needs of the clients.


Presentation & Interactive Workshop

Naya offers tailored presentation and group workshops on various focus topics.  

Sample topics

  • Presentation on Art of Expression and Communication

  • Presentation on The Power of Expressive Arts 

  • Team Building workshop


Adult Acting Classes

Creative working professionals' acting classes - exploring acting training in a safe environment.  We will explore acting, movement and voice and also work on acting exercise as an ensemble.  Individually, we will locate the comfort and strength in our bodies to express and expand our stage presence. 


Tools I share on Expression



  • Body awareness
  • Posture
  • Confident body language


  • Exploration of your voice 
  • Projection
  • Resonance


  • Strengthening of your core 
  • Connection to your voice, body and presence
  • Calming techniques during challenging moments


  • Comfort and confident during communication and presentation
  • Articulation and Enunciation 
  • Projection and Resonance 


  • Integrating our work into a cohesive expression of your own
  • Enjoy the power of your presence!

Tools I share on Communication:

When we are in a situation that we have trouble communicating, let's identify -


  • How are we feeling?
  • Identify the emotions?
  • How does it feel in the body?


  • What are our feelings telling us regarding our needs?
  • What do we need to do to fulfill our values/needs?
  • Can we communicate that clearly and specifically?


  • How do we really listen to others or how do we know that we are heard?
  • Listen to the feelings and needs of the other person and what they are requesting
  • Be present with the person


  • Think about what we really want/need before we speak 
  • Make a very clear and specific request through sharing our feelings and needs
  • Allow others to know it is not a demand and that they are free to choose their actions
  • Respect if others are not able to follow our requests and come back to focus on what we can do for ourselves to make better next time

Different Languages

  • People have different love languages
  • People have different mindsets/life experience, therefore may see things different
  • People often project what they know, so not take things personally
  • Practice observation without making a judgement or evaluating help us identify the different "language each person may have" without jumping into conclusions that alienate us 


  • Identify our feelings and fundamental needs (basic needs, not strategy to obtain the needs!)
  • Be honest, loving and accepting to ourselves, therefore to others 
  • Listen with attention - to your own inner self and to others
  • Speak with courage, respect and presence 
  • Active look for creative solutions with a sense of humor
  • Follow our joy - happiness is a compass!



“Naya is a truly talented educator and actress I’ve ever met. It’s been such a pleasure to learn and get inspired from her passion and practical knowledge in communication and expression. I feel more confident in expressing myself to a large group of audience now. Her beautiful soul is contagious as well.”  H. Young., UX Designer at Yahoo!

I went to a presentation skill training with Naya.   She taught practical tools to implement in our daily life. I was fortunate to have private coaching session and she helped me to correct my body posture and way of talking which I have been using and improved every presentations I made since then. I highly recommend her if you’d like to improve your presentation skills, have a happier life and be more in control of your life direction.  J. Hsiung, Financial Adviser