During my 2014 Paul Dresher Ensemble Artist Residency Program, my husband Francis Phan assisted me and together, we created a solo theatrical piece together. 

My original goal was to explore various and creative ways to combine direct lighting and video projection with sound, music and movements. I was interested in seeing how various fabrics, materials and color affect lighting and therefore creating a state of mind through color, light and shadow. I was curious of videotaping something and projecting the things I videotaped. I wanted to see everything in conjunction with a single focus in a space and experiment how I could transform and move the space through this form of artistic expression.  I name my piece "Moving Space."

I improvised using my violin and danced. We instinctively used layers and started to create layers of me dancing and in some cases, interacting with each other. Eventually, Francis recorded me improvising on the violin while I danced as final video recording that could be used for live performance in the future.  

Two years later, we produced this video production that you could see above. We encourage you to observe the light and as well as the shadow as you step into this “moving space” through “The Shifting”.


1 month exploring projection, lighting and audio at Paul Dresher’s studio. Here are some images my partner captured of me dancing with layers and layers of my own projections in the light and shadow.