In my own voice...

With a MFA in Theater Arts in Acting with a Special Emphasis in Directing and a BA in Music in Music Composition and Violin improvisation at Brandeis University, I have over 15 years of professional experience as a theater director, actress, musician, artist and teacher. 

As someone who is in the field of expression and creativity, I have gained tremendous tools from the training and studies of arts, performance, communication and psychology to express oneself effectively on and off the stage.  

Expression is a combination of body language, voice, breath, words we choose, pauses we allow and our presence.  As we focus our attention to our own authentic and unique expression in our fields, many find the needs to practice effective expression to be able to convey our ideas to our colleagues, our bosses, our customers and even our loved ones.  Some of these platforms are one on one, some are presentations in small or large settings.  Often times, even if we know our materials so well or we already have a sense of what we want to say, without practice, the actual presentation or conversation can be challenging.  A little coaching and practice go a long way.  

As we focus on various skills of expression, it is naturally to move onto the next stage which is various communication tools such as knowing our feelings and fundamental needs in a given situation and communicating them effectively.  It is also important to really listen to others.  Remember we all want to be heard and understood!  Finally, it is essential to focus on what we have control over and let go what we don't have control over.  We always have a choice and we can choose about our attitude, our state of mind and to focus on our joy.  

The tools I have learned in my artistic training and professional experiences have equipped me and I would love to share these tools with you.