Acting Skills for Working Professionals

Learn essential skills drawn from core acting principles

4 Thursdays 6:30-7:45 pm

Oct. 26, Nov. 2, Nov. 9 & Nov. 16 - 2017

Hayes Valley, San Francisco

(access by Muni. Street parking)


Whether in the workplace or in social situations, effective communication stems from body confidence and the ability to articulate your thoughts in a clearly understood manner.  In this four week workshop, we will explore acting basics of movement, body, posture, core strengthening, voice and speech.  

We will also work on ensemble building to develop collaborative skills.  Individually, we will locate the comfort and strength in our bodies to express and expand our presence on any given stage whether it's giving a presentation or giving a good impression in social settings. 

Shy and seasoned public speakers are welcome!


  • Body awareness & movement

  • Posture & confident body language

  • Eye contact & soft focus

Voice / Speaking

  • Exploration of your voice 

  • Projection & resonance

  • Articulation and Enunciation


  • Strengthening of your core 

  • Connecting to your voice, body and presence

  • Calming techniques during challenging moments


  • Integrating our work into a cohesive expression of your own

  • Building confidence during communication and presentation

  • Enjoy the power of your presence!


  • Ensemble building / team building 

  • Improvisation 


Effective Communication and Expression

3 Thursdays 6:30-7:45 pm

Nov. 30, Dec. 7 & Dec. 14 - 2017




Find your inner voice and be heard!

Expressing one's self effectively is empowering when you feel you are being heard whether it's one on one or in group settings.  The quality of our relationships is affected by the manner in which we communicate.  

It's quite human if at times we feel challenged in expressing ourselves or worse yet feel blocked or shut down.  Fortunately, there are techniques we can put into practice where we can identify what is that we need to express as well as to have tools to overcome blockers.  

In this three week workshop, I will be sharing with you communication tools and leading you through scenarios to identify our feelings and needs during challenging moments.  Through small group discussion and role playing scenarios, we practice listening and sharing our feelings and needs as we learn to make action oriented request.

Here are some basic principles that I believe are important for effective communication:


  • Identify our emotions

  • How does it feel in the body?


  • Learning to hear our needs through our feelings

  • What do we need to do to fulfill our values/needs?

  • Can we communicate that clearly and specifically?


  • How do we really listen to others or how do we know that we have been heard?

  • Listen to the feelings and needs of the other person and identify what they are really requesting

  • Be present with the person whom you are talking to


  • Think about what we really want/need before we speak

  • Share our feelings and needs, then make a clear and specific request which truly fulfill our needs

  • Allow others to know it is not a demand and that they are free to choose their actions

  • Respect if others are not able to follow our requests and come back to focus on what we can do for ourselves to fulfill our needs better next time

Different Languages

  • People have different love languages

  • People have different mindsets/life experience, therefore may see things differently

  • People often project what they know, so there is no need to take things personally

  • Practice observation without making a judgement or evaluation can help us identify the different "language each person may have" without jumping into conclusions that may alienate us


  • Identify our feelings and fundamental needs (basic needs, not strategy to obtain the needs!)

  • Be honest, loving and accepting toward ourselves, therefore toward others

  • Listen with attention - to your own inner self and to others

  • Speak with courage, respect and presence

  • Actively looking for creative solutions with a sense of humor

  • Follow our heart, instinct & joy - happiness is a compass!



Private Individual Coaching



$115 /hour

For private coaching, customed made sessions to accommodate client's individual needs and requests. 



Can't do it without your help!

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Thank you for your support !

A portion of what I earn helps covering expenses for me to work with Bay Area youth with limited resources.  

I also work with nonprofit and education organizations implementing effective communication skills.



I went to a presentation skill training with Naya about 2 years ago, the experience was very beneficial.  The presentation opened my understanding of how presentation skill is affecting all area of our daily corresponding with our friends and family, and all aspect of our life.  And there’s systematic way to improve this very important skill, and Ms Chang’s presentation showed us practical tools to implement in our daily life.  I was fortunate to have private coaching session and she helped me to correct my body posture and way of talking which I have been using and improved every presentations I made since then.  Highly recommend her if you’d like to improve your presentation skill and have a happier life, more in control of your life direction.
— J Hsiung, Ph.D. Financial Advisor
Naya is a truly talented educator and actress I’ve ever met. It’s been such a pleasure to learn and get inspired from her passion and practical knowledge in communication and expression. I feel more confident in expressing myself to a large group of audience now. Her beautiful soul is contagious as well.
— H. Young, Product Designer